Säsong 2016


Sport fishing has in the Lower Dalälven many possibilities at Farnebofjarden and lake Bysjön with additional lakes and with rapids fishing in Lexnäs , Forsbo and Tyttbo fors Fishing covering the three rapids Härsingen , Balen and Tyttboforsen with a drop of 4.5 meters . Tyttbo has a 3 km long rapids fisheries where there are walkways and shelters with fine barbecue areas. Tyttbo fishing has grayling , trout, pike and walleye.


In Färnebofjärden National are investing in tourism development and fisheries, as well at Tyttbo Council as Sevedskvarn and Skekarsbo included in the national park.

The intention of this initiative is to increase the number of visitors to the Park, Stay , and to increase access to fishing, to the disabled community in and around Tyttboforsen . At the same time we also know that the interest in recreational fishing increases extensively throughout Sweden.





Hovnäs Färja, By Kyrkby Tel 0706639571 Bankgiro 5335-4775


We have no timetable on the ferry, but the ferry is on call from Västmanland side about 2 minutes after the call , and the ferry is always with Dala page as home port.



Hovnäs Färja, By Kyrkby

Tel 070 - 6639571