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Trelänsleden Association is a nonprofit organization and is located in Dalarna southern part of Avesta Municipality , Village Church Village , and covers the area Österviken and Tyttbo . The area is located where four counties meet namely Dalarna , Västmanland , Upland and Gävleborg but retained the name Trelänsleden whatever new provincial division .


In the late 80's got Trelänsleden for a symbolic sum over take a local from IOGT-NTO after the premises remained idle . The venue was built in the 1920s, where local farmers were involved and contributed lumber. 1990 was conducted a thorough renovation of the premises. Is now used as a community hall at different times and that accommodation.


Transport Trail or link across the Lower Dalälven , between Botebo and Hovnäs has been around since 1915, when there was a barge which was rowed across the river . At that time you could carry a horse and a small wagon. After a decade of debating launched the first ferry in 1924. The ferry was followed by a control line that was drawn with strain Woods. Hence the name cable ferry . When the Swedish Road Administration in 1986 decided to put down this transportconnection Trelänsleden was formed to using volunteers operate the ferry on its own. Today, this is the only wire driven ferry over dalälven and the ferry has an important role as part of the infrastructure that carries traffic between Västmanland , Dalarna and Gästriklands county over Dalälven. The ferry is therefore a very important transport and communication for all the locals and its work in agriculture, as farmers and industry because in many commute across the river.

The area also Tyttbo , Lexnäs and Forsbo rapids fishing and Färnebofjärden National why it is interesting to facilitate access to these attractions.




Hovnäs Färja, By Kyrkby Tel 0706639571 Bankgiro 5335-4775


We have no timetable on the ferry, but the ferry is on call from Västmanland side about 2 minutes after the call , and the ferry is always with Dala page as home port.



Hovnäs Färja, By Kyrkby

Tel 070 - 6639571