Säsong 2016


Thank you for all support and the The Ferry line ans welcome to the season for 2017 when we will re-open end april.


Welcome to a community with a long history. Here , people have lived and worked since Neolithic times . Vikings carved runes on a flat rock in the eastern Bännbäck combined to give iron in blast furnaces . The first Swedish register mentions two farmers in Hovnäs from 1545, but the neighborhood just had a tax coated farmers. In Forsbo already existed in the 1600 's, both the mill and sawmill . Here 's wilderness where Västmanland , Dalarna , Uppland and Gävleborg meet. The only one of Dalälvens remaining car ferries run between the county, and there is the possibility of rapids fishing in the rapids down and upstream lower Dalälven and nature experiences in Färnebofjärden Nationalpark . There is so much to experience! Follow the winding roads through villages and forests. For accommodation is available here small cottages and in the national park cabins in wilderness or on an island in the middle of Dalälven. Here 's Färnebofjärden National with water , islands and beachfront forests with natural experiences bidding on this wilderness feel. From the observation tower in Mostaberg close Botebo and Vivastbo you see expansive views. The land is also rich in wildlife, berries and mushrooms.

For more information, read more of the various parts of our website content about history , area and its nature, ferry , fishing , leasing and the various events and the whole development in and around Trelänsleden of the infrastructure and experience concept for the area where it is now made major investments for services including tourism and fishing. The intention of this effort involves increased number of visitors in the park, the number of overnight stays and increased access to the growing interest in recreational fishing.


Hovnäs Färja, By Kyrkby Tel 0706639571 Bankgiro 5335-4775


The ferryline is ment to be open all days between 07-19, april to october.

We have no timetable on the ferry, but the ferry is on call from Västmanland side about 2 minutes after the call , and the ferry is always with Dala page as home port.



Hovnäs Färja, By Kyrkby

Tel 070 - 6639571