Säsong 2016


The area stretches Dalälven out and creates a very beautiful setting with meadows and open countryside. The winding road from the Village to the Tyttbo lined with small idyllic villages and farmsteads . At Hovnäs have the possibility to get from Dalarna to Västmanland with ferry to Botebo , Möklinta . In Västmanland page are opportunities to utilize the boat ramp for those who have access to your own boat or stop at the old hours face-off to fish , grill and enjoy the beautiful scenery.


If you choose to continue way past Hovnäs down to Tyttbo have the option of staying at the three rapids Härsingen , Balen and Tyttboforsen with a drop height of 4.5 meters . There are also walkways and shelters with fine barbecue areas. Where the road then runs out is City Arvid's cottage and Färnebofjärden unfolding of islands and islets.


The area is part of Färnebofjärden National Park which today is one of 29 national parks in Sweden . The National Park has a unique nature and offers many special nature. Among other authors Inan Kerstin Ekman described Färnebofjärdens National park and its important " content " in several places in his book , Lords of the Forest.


The special nature with river meadows that periodically flooded and a pristine forest have created the conditions for an abundance of wildlife. It offers the opportunity to meet on moose, deer , hares, marten , beaver and lynx. There are also many endangered species and bird life is extraordinary. There are all varieties of the Swedish woodpeckers , cranes, osprey , eagles , loon , black grouse and many species of owls.


A continued focus on Färnebofjärden Nationalpark and Tyttbo area with its tourism and fishing are stimulating interest for people who want to visit these attractions with the ferry in the center and then the ferry in Hovnäs the nearest road for the visitors who come from the south . Trelänsleden and National Park collaborate on common issues such as housing, transport and fisheries that provide additional opportunity for visitors to the area .




Hovnäs Färja, By Kyrkby Tel 0706639571 Bankgiro 5335-4775


We have no timetable on the ferry, but the ferry is on call from Västmanland side about 2 minutes after the call , and the ferry is always with Dala page as home port.



Hovnäs Färja, By Kyrkby

Tel 070 - 6639571