Säsong 2016


Trelänsleden has established cooperation with those responsible for the development of the national park.


This collaboration with efficient organization of transport, housing and services include fishing , the number of visitors to the area ..


We therefore have a deal with rentals as also through investment in the national park may extend the time for such tourism in the area.

Hovnäs bystyga may be rented . Has six beds and is fully equipped . It can also be rented as a community center and meeting place for other types of activities with lectures etc. and can take more than 100 people. It was opened in 1933 and Trelänsleden took over the bystuga 1989 and completely renovated.


Accommodations for rent can be received from Carina Funck +46 72 2273050




Hovnäs Färja, By Kyrkby Tel 0706639571 Bankgiro 5335-4775


We have no timetable on the ferry, but the ferry is on call from Västmanland side about 2 minutes after the call , and the ferry is always with Dala page as home port.



Hovnäs Färja, By Kyrkby

Tel 070 - 6639571